Washing and caring for ThornArmor Gloves


Proper storage:Gloves should be ideally stored in clean, dry conditions, away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures.

Routine Glove Checks: Glove life varies based on application, environment, and amount of use. Because of this, it is vital that you perform routine glove checks, ideally before going to work every day.

3092 Washing Instructions

  1. Machine Wash Cool
  2. Tumble Dry on Low
  3. DO NOT Bleach
  4. DO NOT Iron

3090 Washing Instructions

  1. Hand Wash
  2. Hang Dry
  3. DO NOT Tumble Dry
  4. DO NOT Bleach
  5. DO NOT Iron
Are ThornArmor™ gloves cactus/puncture proof?

ANSWER: While ThornArmor™ gloves are not 100% puncture proof, they do offer the best needle stick protection available with 3-layers of SuperFabric® and allow you to handle plants in ways you can’t with any other gloves.

Do they work with all cacti and thorns?

ANSWER: ThornArmor™ is designed to be puncture resistant to different kinds of needles and thorns. They do offer protection from all cactus and thorns, however, some of the rather nasty cactus may penetrate.

Can I remove thorns from my ThornArmor™ gloves if they get stuck or are the gloves ruined?

ANSWER: If you do happen do get a thorn stuck in the fingers or palm of the glove, yes, they can be removed in most cases. If you can still see the thorn from the outside simply pull it out with your fingers or tweezers. If the thorn happens to get on the inside of the glove, simply turn the glove inside out and then remove the thorn. Thorn punctures will not ruin the gloves or material.

Does the puncture resistance wear down over time?

ANSWER: No. SuperFabric® is designed to last. The glove will need to be replaced due to normal wear and tear before the SuperFabric® will lose puncture resistance.

Can ThornArmor™ gloves be machine washed?

ANSWER: The 3092 glove can be machine washed and dried on low.

The 3090 must be hand washed and hung out to dry.

Where can I buy ThornArmor™?

ANSWER: You can purchase ThornArmor™ gloves online at ThornArmor.com, at select retail locations in Arizona or through or ThornArmor™ Sales Representative Danielle. To contact her please e-mail Danielle.DiCicco@HexArmor.com

What is the biggest difference between the two styles of gloves?

ANSWER:The 3092 offers better finger dexterity and back of hand breathability.

The Heavy Duty 3090 offers more protection for tougher jobs with cactus or thorny plants. This is the glove of choice for workers in the nursery yards re-planting and unloading beds of cactus.

Do ThornArmor™ gloves come in men and women’s sizes?

ANSWER: The ThornArmor™ gloves come is a wide variety of sizes to fit men’s and women’s hands. The 3092 comes in sizes XXS all the way to XXL and the Heavy Duty 3090 comes in Small to X-Large.

Will the sun/heat impact the performance of the gloves?

ANSWER: No. The gloves will perform how they are designed even if they are left out in the hot sun.