HexArmor: The Clear Industry Leader

End Thorn and Needle Punctures with SuperFabric® Technology

Thorns and needles are sharp and hazardous, and getting stuck or pricked by one can lead to painful and often serious injuries. To stop this, you need protection that can prevent their sharp tips from penetrating through your gloves and into your hands. HexArmor’s SuperFabric® brand material was designed to do just that. Using tiny guard plates to block and deflect puncture hazards, SuperFabric® successfully prevents sharp objects from reaching the hands surface. 

HexArmor® puncture resistant products work by layering SuperFabric® materials over each other. Multiple aligned layers of fabric provide additional guard plates, which provide extra resistance against puncture hazards.

HexArmor® products are both lab and field tested, and are proven to reduce cut and puncture injuries. Though we test all of our products, we recommend proper field testing to validate the appropriate level of protection necessary for your application, if you have any questions please contact us.